7 Problems and Solutions to Fix the Latest Asus ROG Phone 5/5S

Solutions Asus ROG Phone 5/5S

7 Problems and Solutions to Fix the Latest Asus ROG Phone 5/5S. The Asus ROG Phone 5 and 5S are amongst the first-rate telephones for gamers.

Not solely do they seem the part, however they are packed with points that make them excellent handheld gaming devices.

When you aren’t enjoying games, the two are tremendous Android smartphones.

[ads id="ads1"] Nothing is perfect, though, and the Asus flagships have their fair share of issues.

We look at some frequent Asus ROG Phone 5 and 5S troubles and how to restore them.

List of Problems and How to Fix them Asus ROG Phone 5.5S

#1 Motherboard failure and different hardware issues

As gaming phones, the Asus ROG Phone 5 and 5S can cope with nearly anything.

An unlucky hardware failure, though, has induced severa issues for owners.

ROG Phone 5 proprietors have confronted a range of problems due to the fact of a failing motherboard.

The solely answer is to get the cellphone repaired or replaced.

But the listing beneath will provide you an thought that if the trendy troubleshooting steps (Safe Mode, wipe cache, etc.) don’t work, it would possibly be a hardware problem.

1. The smartphone doesn’t flip on (motherboard issue)

You comprehend it’s a motherboard failure when the telephone is definitely useless and doesn’t flip on.

For most users, the cellphone no longer turning on capability they have to exchange the motherboard.

You can strive plugging the cellphone into a charger and performing a smooth reset (press and preserve the electricity button and extent down key till the smartphone restarts).

2. The telephone doesn’t flip on (external machine problem)

For some users, the AeroActive fan attachment reasons the telephone to flip and remain off.

In this case, dispose of the accessory, plug the smartphone in to charge, and operate a smooth reset after 30 minutes to restart the phone.

3. Bottom speaker making noises or now not working

Rog Phone 5 proprietors say that the issues they have confronted with the phone’s backside speaker no longer working or making odd noises have to do with the motherboard failure.

For some users, the warmness produced from immoderate gaming appears to have additionally induced the audio system to break.

4. Air triggers no longer working

The phone’s air triggers are some other piece of hardware that appears to cease working when the motherboard fails.

5. SIM card isn’t recognized

Some customers all at once lose cell community connectivity, and the telephone doesn’t understand the SIM card anymore.

For some users, this occurs when they swap from the Chinese ROM to the world ROM.

For others, this came about due to the fact of a free connection in the interior hardware.

6. Fingerprint scanner disappeared

If you don’t see the fingerprint scanner as an liberate choice anymore, it’s due to the fact of a unfastened connection underneath the hood.

#2 Touch sensitivity issues

It’s frequent for ROG Phone 5 proprietors to have contact sensitivity problems, given how critical response instances are with many games.

Here are a few methods you can make adjustments to the phone’s contact sensitivity settings.

If you’ve utilized a display screen protector or favor to typically raise the phone’s contact sensitivity, go to Settings > Advanced and allow Glove mode.

Using the Armory Crate app, you can additionally make game-specific contact sensitivity changes.

For commonplace system settings, go to the Console panel.

You can select between one of a kind preset gaming modes like X Mode, Dynamic, and Ultra Durable, which provide specific degrees of contact sensitivity.

You can additionally choose Advanced, faucet on Edit, and set the sensitivity ranges to exactly what you need.

You can make these adjustments game-specific as well.

Tap on a sport in the Library, go to the Touch tab, and modify the sensitivity settings.

#3 Push notification problems

Some ROG 5S proprietors say they aren’t receiving push notifications on their telephones and can solely see them as soon as they open the app.

The largest complaints are with the Gmail app, however customers face this trouble with different apps too.

Go to Settings > Advanced > Mobile Manager.

Go to the Auto-start settings and make sure that the complex app is enabled.

You can additionally disable the app on the Super clean listing if you have Super smooth mode activated.

Depending on your telephone software program version, you can additionally locate the phone’s auto-start settings via going to Settings > Battery > Auto-start manager.

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization, faucet on the trouble app, and pick out Don’t optimize.

#4 PC now not recognizing phone

A few customers say that their PC doesn’t understand the smartphone when plugged in, and they aren’t capable to switch documents between devices.

You will want to allow the USB debugging mode in the Developer options.

If you don’t have the hidden menu enabled, go to Settings > System > About smartphone > Software Version and faucet on the Build Number seven instances or till you see a message that says, “You are now a developer.”

Now go to Settings > System > Developer Options and allow USB debugging.

Some inexpensive third-party cables can solely be used to cost the telephone and don’t assist statistics transfers.

The high-quality alternative is to use the cable you get with the phone.

You have to additionally think about these awesome third-party cables.

Your cellphone need to observe when you have plugged it into the PC to switch files.

If it doesn’t robotically make the switch, open the notification panel, faucet on the USB connection settings, and pick out the choice to Data transfer.

#5 Side charging port no longer working

A few customers say that they can’t cost the cellphone the usage of the facet charging port, even with the reputable charger and cable.

Users say that enabling USB debugging mode fixes the problem.

You will want to first allow developer mode.

Go to Settings > System > About phone > Software Version and faucet on the Build Number variety seven instances or till you see a message that says, “You are now a developer.”

Now go to Settings > System > Developer Options and allow USB debugging.

#6 Random restarts

Quite a few customers are going through issues with their Asus ROG Phone 5 and 5S robotically and randomly rebooting even with normal usage.

A rogue app should be the culprit. Check if the difficulty persists in Safe mode (you will locate the guidelines below).

If it doesn’t, cast off any lately set up or up to date apps and see if the trouble goes away.

You can additionally go to Settings > Advanced > Mobile Manager and clear the app cache.

The smartphone lets you down load and deploy dynamic topics from the in-built Theme store.

A few customers determined that the theme stopped working as predicted after a current software program replace and used to be inflicting random reboots.

Removing and reinstalling the theme looks to work.

#7 Vibration no longer working

A few customers say the smartphone doesn’t vibrate when it receives notifications and alerts.

This glitch has an convenient fix. Reboot the phone.

Go to Settings > Sound and vibration and modify the quantity manipulate till it goes into vibrate mode.

Toggle off and flip on Touch vibration.

You can additionally alter the vibration depth in this menu.

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