4 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

4 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone.While Android is nevertheless king, iOS is a sizeable platform, and you may also favor to change over to an iPhone at some point. We won’t judge!

After all, there are some matters iOS does higher than Android.

You will probable desire to switch all your facts to your new phone, though. This transition is often seamless, relying on which gadgets are involved.

In this case, we’re speakme about two definitely specific platforms, so it would possibly require a bit of greater work.

Here are the exceptional methods to switch your contacts from Android to iOS!

"Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone the usage of the Move to iOS app. Download it on your Android phone, launch the app, and comply with directions to get the cellphone ready. During your iPhone set-up, choose Move records from Android. You'll get a code, which you can use to hyperlink each devices. Pick what you choose to migrate, enter the code, and let the app do its thing."

[ads id="ads2"] We’ve put collectively these guidelines the use of a Google Pixel 4a with 5G going for walks Android 12, and an iPhone 12 Mini jogging iOS 15.5.

Remember, some of these steps may be distinctive relying on the cellphone and software program model you’re running.

#1 Move to iOS app

Did you recognize Apple has Android apps in the Google Play Store? Move to iOS is one of the few Apple apps on Google’s storefront.

Move to iOS is intended to assist Android users; well, go to iOS. Despite the terrible reviews, the utility does what it’s marketed to do, and it does it well.

Apple loves making experiences easy and easy, precisely what this statistics switch utility accomplishes.

Your mileage and trip may additionally vary, however you can without difficulty migrate contacts, messages, photos, videos, bookmarks, electronic mail accounts, and calendars straight to any iOS system when it works.

How to use Move to iOS to switch your contacts to Android:

  • Download and set up the Move to iOS app on your Android device.
  • Open the app and observe instructions.
  • During your iOS setup, you ought to pick out the alternative to Move data from Android. Your iPhone will supply you a code, which you’ll want to enter on the Android Move to iOS app.
  • Your iPhone will create a transient Wi-Fi network. Connect to it from your Android device.
  • Pick what you prefer to migrate.
  • Select Next.
  • Enter the protection code and let the manner run.
  • Your content material will be transferred, and your iPhone will even down load the free apps you had on your Android device, given that they are available.

#2 Use Google sync

While Apple is no longer historically fond of helping Android devices, Google is the whole opposite.

Most of the search giant’s offerings and points work very properly on iPhones, and grabbing contacts from their servers is a breeze.

Keep in idea this solely works if you already sync your contacts to your Google account.

Some units don’t do that by using default. Don’t worry; it’s effortless to flip on Google Sync.

How to flip on Google sync for contacts on Android:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go into Passwords & accounts.
  • Tap on your Google account.
  • Select Account sync.
  • Make certain Contacts is toggled on.
  • Let your contacts sync.

Transferring contacts will be a breeze if you have been associating all your contacts with Google’s servers.

How to switch Android contacts to iOS the usage of Google sync:

  • Turn on your iPhone and open the Settings app.
  • Go to Contacts.
  • Select Accounts.
  • Pick your Gmail account (or add it)
  • Make positive the Contacts checker is on.
  • Your contacts have to now be on your phone!

#3 Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone manually the use of a VCF file

Don’t like dealing with all that darn cloud stuff? We can understand.

There are additionally approaches to switch your contacts from Android gadgets to iOS ones manually.

You can make a VCF file, switch it over to the iPhone and then open it to seize all your contact data.

The manner is greater easy than it seems; let’s stroll you via it.

How to switch Android contacts to iOS manually:

  • Unlock your Android gadget and head to the Contacts app.
  • Hit the three-dot menu button on the top-right corner.
  • Tap on Select all.
  • Tape on the Share button.
  • You can now choose how to share the file with your iPhone. I like sending it to myself by means of email, so hit Gmail and ship your self the file.
  • On your iPhone, open then e-mail or extract the file from anywhere you saved it.
  • Tap on the connected file and choose the Share button.
  • Select the Contacts app.
  • Hit Add All Contacts.
  • Follow the steps and be on your way. Your contacts have been transferred!

#4 Use your SIM card

Another way to switch your contacts from Android to iOS is to use your smartphone’s SIM card.

This is reachable if you’re both having bother with your Google account, are offline, or don’t favor Google’s involvement for anything reason.

The solely trouble is that Google is shifting away from this method, and there is no longer an legitimate way to do it from the Contacts app.

With that said, some producers nevertheless enable it.

Not to point out you can down load third-party apps. Something like Copy to SIM Card can be helpful.

How to switch contacts from your SIM card to iOS:

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  • Go into Contacts.
  • Select Import SIM Contacts.
  • Pick the account you desire to sync the contacts to.

Question and Answer

Can I switch man or woman contacts from Android to iOS?
You can switch man or woman contacts through the usage of the VCF file method.

What is the best way to transfer contacts from Android to iOS?
While the Move to IOS app is supposed to be the best technique for transferring contacts from Android to iOS, we would argue the use of Google Sync is easier. Chances are you’re already syncing your contacts to Google, so all you may need to do is signal into your Google account on your iPhone.

How many contacts can I shop on my Google account?
The most quantity of contacts you can sync to Google is 25,000.

How many contacts can I shop on my iCloud account?
The most quantity of contacts you can sync to iCloud is 50,000.

As you can see, there are masses of approaches to get this taken care of. Keeping your contacts shouldn’t be challenging, so we are happy having a couple of systems isn’t stopping us too much.

The manner isn’t precisely straightforward, however you can do any of these besides too lots effort or research.

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