Easy Ways to Debloat Windows 11 to Improve Your Computer Performance

Easy Ways to Debloat Windows 11

Easy Ways to Debloat Windows 11 to Improve Your Computer Performance. Debloating refers to getting rid of apps and services from your machine that are vain or unnecessarily present.

Too many needless matters can occupy a massive quantity of storage, reason your device’s performance, and make it run slow.

In that case, debloating helps dispose of that app from impacting your Windows 11 system and making it run slow.

Debloating Windows 11 is easy; if you don’t understand how to do it, this article will assist you with it.

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Debloat Windows 11 to Increase Speed and Performance

There are exclusive approaches to debloat Windows 11 and make your gadget run smoothly. You can without difficulty do it by means of following the steps given below.

#1 Manually Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

You can uninstall the apps permanently, which are vain on your gadget and includes a massive quantity of storage. For that, the steps are given below

1. Press Windows key + X on your keyboard, and then click on on Apps & Features from the menu.

2. Now seem for the app you don’t use a whole lot and prefer to uninstall.

3. Click on the three dots subsequent to the app you desire to uninstall and then click on on Uninstall option.

4. Do the identical for all the apps you choose to uninstall.

#2 Use Windows 11 Debloater From GitHub

Debloating Windows eleven can additionally be performed through a third-party device from Github. All you want to do is observe the given steps.

1. Go to the ThisIsWin11 Github web page on your browser.

2. Then, go to the Assets part and click on on the choice This will down load the file.

3. Open File Explorer, head to the vicinity the place you downloaded the file, and run it. When you get a warning, click on on the Run anyway option.

4. Click on the Apps choice from the left sidebar. It will exhibit you a listing of all apps current on your device.

5. Press and maintain the Ctrl key on your keyboard and pick the apps you favor to remove.

6. Then, click on on the Move Selected choice to go the app to the recycle bin. (Note: You can additionally pick the Move all alternative to cross all the apps collectively to the recycle bin.)

7. Click on the Show System apps to see all the machine apps.

8. Again, press and keep the Ctrl button and pick out the apps you choose to remove.

9. Click on the Move Selected choice coming on the display

10. Click on the Empty Bin choice to empty the recycle bin.

#3 Debloat Windows 11 Using Windows PowerShell (Admin)

You can additionally Debloat your Windows 11 by using the usage of Windows PowerShell. To do so, observe the given steps below.

1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard, and search for Windows PowerShell. Run the Windows PowerShell with administrative privileges.

2. Execute the following command. (iwr|iex)

3. You will be headed to Debloat Windows 11 screen.

4. In the Bloatware section, click on on the issue you choose to put off or disable. Follow the on-screen guidelines to proceed ahead.

5. Restart your PC, and the Windows 11 PC will be Debloated.

#4 Use DISM to Debloat Windows 11

You can additionally use the DISM command to debloat Windows eleven To debloat Windows 11 the usage of DISM, observe the steps given below.

1. Open Start Menu, kind Windows PowerShell and run it as administrator.

2. Now, kind and execute the following command.

DISM /Online /Remove-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackageName: Name_Of_The_Package

3. It will exhibit you all the set up apps on your PC.

4. Search for the app you desire to remove. Highlight the app and reproduction it with the aid of urgent the Ctrl + C key combo.

5. Now, run the following command (Note: Replace Name_Of_The_Package with the bundle title you copied.)

DISM /Online /Get-ProvisionedAppxPackages | select-string Packagename

6. This will get rid of the app from your PC. Similarly, you can do away with different apps as well.


These have been some methods to assist debloat Windows 11.

You can without difficulty take away all the pointless apps current on your machine with the aid of following the steps in this article and growing your PC’s pace and performance.

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