9 Ways to Become a Famous Celebgram For Beginners

9 Ways to Become a Famous Celebgram For Beginners

9 Ways to Become a Famous Celebgram For Beginners. Nowadays more and more people want to become celebrities because their income is not kidding. The reason is, that being a celebgram is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand.

There are several important things that you must do to become a famous celebrity. To find out, you should listen to the explanation at the end.

How to Become a Famous Celebrity
Everyone has the opportunity to become a famous celebgram and make millions. Here's how to make your dream of becoming a recognized and profitable celebrity come true:

#1 Choosing a Niche That Suits You
Choosing a niche or special topic that will be the theme of posting on Instagram is very important. For example, topics on health, parenting, beauty, finance, and others.

[ads id="ads2"] So, it's not just bloggers who have to determine a niche, celebrities also need to do it. The goal is to make it easier for you to create content ideas. In addition, the endorser will know whether you are suitable for their product or not.

You can start with things you like, for example, fashion, and often mix and match clothes. So, focus on posting fashion-related content and make it your niche.

#2 Build Personal Branding
The second way to become a famous celebrity is to build a good personal brand. With personal branding, you can build a reputation in front of your followers and those who endorse you.

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For example, a celebrity Keanuagl who is famous for his behavior and speech likes to be rude and angry, however, his behavior often invites laughter. Well, this is the personal branding he built.

If you want to have personal branding like what, you should still be yourself. So that you are known for who you are and also more comfortable posting things to Instagram. Moreover, it is for the long term.

#3 Define Your Audience
After determining personal branding, then determine who your audience is. What age do you think your content is targeting?

If you already know who your audience is, it will be easier to determine the type of content. For example, if you are a parenting celebgram, of course, your audience is mothers. The content you create should also be more formal.

#4 Setting Up Instagram Profile
Setting up an Instagram profile is an important job because the first thing people will see when they visit your account is your profile. Therefore, we recommend that you create a good profile in the following ways:
  • Use clear and attractive photos of yourself.
  • Write a bio with information about who you are.
  • Added a contact person for the business.
  • Installing a link to your website, blog, or Youtube channel.

Of course, there are advantages of a business account, namely the ease of viewing your account statistics. To do so, you simply click Settings - Account - Set to Business Account.

#5 Create Interesting Content
Content is the main key to being able to get a lot of followers and become famous. You have to create interesting content posts that fit your niche or target audience.

In addition, upload photos that have good quality with supporting captions. If you use infographics, create attractive designs and explanations.

Try not to break the photos you use. Because the content idea is interesting, but the image quality is lacking, maybe no endorser will endorse you.

#6 Build Engagement with Followers
Being a celebgram is not enough to just have a lot of followers, you also need to have high engagement. You need to know that business owners usually look at these two things when they want to endorse.

There are many ways you can do to increase engagement. You can reply to followers' comments who comment on your posts.

To provoke followers to comment, you can make posts in the form of questions. You can also occasionally ask followers to give a like if you like the post.

#7 Using Hashtags
So that your posts can be seen by many people, then use hashtags, including hashtags that are trending or popularly sought after by people. Include multiple hashtags in every post you make.

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First, make sure the hashtags are relevant to the content you are about to post. So that the content is easily found by your target audience.

#8 Set a Posting Time Schedule
To become a famous celebgram, you also need to set a posting schedule. This is so that you can consistently post content. Set a content schedule according to your chosen abilities and niche.

#9 Selectively Choose Endorsement Products
If there is a product that endorses you, it means that you have succeeded in becoming a celebgram and earning money from Instagram. When someone wants to endorse you, you should choose an endorsed product that suits your audience, and is safe and useful.

For example, beauty products, so pay attention to whether the product is safe and has been tested or not. If the product is not listed, don't hesitate to refuse the endorsement offer. This is very important to do so that your reputation does not decrease as a result of receiving the wrong endorsement of a product.

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